Self-taught? Learn more effectively.

Youtube youtube is one of the greatest resources for self-taught individuals. What if you could you use it to learn 50% more effectively and demonstrate proof of knowledge?

Why should I use this?

Retrieval based learning is 50% more effective
  • After you watch a Youtube video, Wittwise will ask you questions based off the video's content (from a mix of AI and crowd sourced).
  • In a study by Jeffrey Karpicke and Janell Blunt, they experimented with students' choice of learning strategy. Students were given the same amount of time but used different strategies: reviewing the text a single time, reviewing it repeatedly, free recall and concept mapping. Those who practiced free recall remembered almost 50% more than the other groups.
Provide proof of knowledge
  • After you answer the questions, automatically publish it to your personal blog and add it to your portfolio.

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