Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just GPT-2/GPT-3?

No, wittwise is not GPT-2/GPT-3. Wittwise is a specialized RNN for answering questions.

What can I expect wittwise to do?

Wittwise learns from a list of articles and documentation (specified by you or retrieved automatically), and is able to answer questions about those articles. That means your customer will NOT receive random answers, but only answers that come from your existing articles. To create a knowledge base, it's as simple as writing articles and putting up their links on your website.

Some uses include assisting customer support agents, answering customer questions for a SaaS app, NPCs for games.

How will I know wittwise is right for my company?

To determine if wittwise is right for your company, you should ask yourself if you want your users struggle to find information on your website. Are your customer support agents constantly replying to the same questions? Or questions that have answers through your website's articles? If so, Wittwise may be able to save both time and money for your company. The conversion rate is still TBD since it depends quite a bit on the type of company (eg. B2B, B2C).